Hikari Staple M

MODEL:Hikari Staple M

VOLT. :100~120V  220~240V
FREQ. :50/60Hz
QMAX.:6000 L / Hr 1585GPH
HMAX.:5.0m 16.4ft
INLET DIAMETER:¢32mm ¢1 1/4″
OUTLET DIAMETER:¢32mm ¢1 1/4″



a. Vortex impeller rotating in one direction for energy efficiency
b. Anti-corrosive and wear-resistant ceramic shaft
c. Unique design for multi-way installation and free positioning
d. Inbuilt with thermostat and fully sealed motor for working reliably and safely
e. In-line use available
f. Strong water flow and pumping capacity. Ideal for large waterfalls and big filtration systems