Isa Koi Farm- Mitsunori ISA

About Us

n 1970, after I quit my job at a local agricultural cooperative in Niigata, I became interested in Nishikigoi breeding and established Isa Koi Farm. Since I started my farm, I have sold Nishikigoi to hobbyists in Japan for 20 years. I never expected that Nishikigoi hobbyists would gradually increase in numbers around the world. I used to travel around Japan on business much of the time, but now I travel around the world instead.


We think there is no effective way to breed Nishikigoi. I said this because a female Nishikigoi spawns 300,000 to 1,000,000 eggs during spawning season. However only about 100 to a 1,000 Nishikigoi eggs will get through the culling process. Likewise, if a Nishikigoi breeder can produce one ideal Nishikigoi in his life, he is lucky.


The green house 1 at Shitajima area: Four 60-ton ponds and eight 15-ton ponds
The green house at my house (near side): Four 25-ton ponds, The green house (quarantine ponds) at my house (far side): Three 10-ton ponds
The green house
The green house 2 at Shitajima area: Four 30-ton ponds

Koi Picture, ត្រីខយ